A Co-Space for Rapidly Realizing What’s Next

Dentsu NXT Space is designed to excite and inspire brands and businesses to experiment with the the metaverse, Web3 and the latest technologies to prepare for what's next.  

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"The media and advertising industry continues to be transformed by digital technology, which now includes the metaverse. These transformations will continue to require that brands adapt their business models and strategies in real time to take advantage of new creative opportunities."

Simon Crownshaw
Worldwide Lead – Media & Entertainment at Microsoft

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Meet Neva, our AI-powered virtual guide to dentsu NXT Space. Discover a range of real-world use cases across retail, training and development, which have been re-imagined in a virtual setting to drive greater engagement, productivity, and accessibility for brands and businesses. 

A space for innovation, engagement, connection and business growth

We work with brands and businesses to help them test and learn, experiment with the latest technologies and rapidly realize business growth opportunities before making big investments. With endless possibilities from the future of web3, the evolution of the metaverse, AI amplified assistance and accessible everyday tools. Thanks to the power of Microsoft - enabling teams no matter their location to upskill and learn new crafts. Using Microsoft 365 products, Text to speech and forthcoming Microsoft Designer capabilities alongside our proprietary ShopNXT™ technologies and NXT Intelligence™ innovation platforms. Together, we show brands and businesses how we can solve today’s business problems and prepare for what’s next. Check out some of the different ways dentsu NXT Space is empowering brands to design the future today.

Immersive Learning & Development

Increase efficacy, empathy & engagement

Our immersive learning and development experiences are designed to increase efficacy, empathy and engagement for new team members and employees. We help brands make accessible and engaging training experiences to power up new starter inductions, employee training and development, and gamified gatherings for a more inclusive and connected workforce.

Book a tour to learn more about how we are helping brands. See it in action at our dentsu Metaversity, Microsoft Viva Insights' and Microsoft Retail Education virtual learning spaces, LinkedIn Lounge and dentsu Intelligence Centre.

Virtual Test Labs

Accelerate insights, reduce costs and increase monetization opportunities

Our virtual test labs empower brands to create virtual experiences and digital twins to test and learn new products, marketing content, new stream media opportunities, retail innovations and more. Plus rapidly prototype concepts, and conduct consumer testing before committing to large physical activations which reduces research and development costs by up to 70%** and increasing participation by over 300%**.

Book a tour to learn more about how we're helping brands. See it in action at the Merkle Virtual Lab, dentsu Metaversity, Microsoft Retail virtual learning space and dentsu Intelligence Centre.

Virtual Showrooms & Amplified Assistance

Reinventing retail and connected shopping experiences

We work with brands to create new ways to educate, entertain and transact while driving registrations, in-store traffic, sampling, and sales via custom product launches, virtual explorations, and personalized shopping experiences integrated into a brand's existing website, customer profiles and loyalty programs.

We amplify assistance with AI-Powered virtual brand ambassadors - custom designed based on your fans and brand's personality with human-like interactions providing product advice, how-to's, and customer care anytime, anywhere 24/7.

Additionally, dentsu and Merkle’s exclusive ShopNXT suite of retail innovations Scan & Know, and UnboxIT, amplify assistance in-store and upon arrival for more personalized shopping experiences in the physical and digital world increasing loyalty, sales and customer joy.

Book a tour to learn more about leveraging the power of virtual showrooms and amplified assistance in the physical and digital world.  See it in action at the ShopNXT Showroom, Merkle Virtual Lab, dentsu Metaversity, Microsoft Retail virtual learning space, dentsu Intelligence Centre and more.

Connected Communities & Branded Experiences

Build community, connections and create brand fandom

Living where your community lives, moves, plays, and shops have never been more important for brands and fans in the physical and virtual world. We create immersive experiences that connect, inspire and create brand fandom around cultural moments that matter.

For example, the LinkedIn Lounge is a space where brands can connect through their professional LinkedIn identities to recruit, network and engage with prospective buyers and customers. We also host events, educational sessions, and gamified gatherings to build community and connections.

Book a tour to learn more about how we're helping brands. See it in action in the LinkedIn Lounge, Ecosia Forrest - Powered by Microsoft, and dentsu Metaversity.

Uncover growth and business opportunities using the capabilities of dentsu NXT Space

Dentsu NXT Space unleashes creativity across the dentsu network with brands and businesses through capabilities that enable a safe, secure and controlled space to test and learn, drive engagement and business growth.

LinkedIn Login

First metaverse platform that features a LinkedIn Login, fostering safety and security, and gives you visibility into who you are engaging with. You can also choose SSO login or keep it open to all consumers.

Your Brand Your Destination

Ability to create experiences that integrate into your brand’s existing e-commerce website, customer profiles, loyalty programs and first-party data.

Your Look Is You

Create a full-body 3D avatar with Ready Player Me Integration so your prospective buyers and customers can express themselves and feel at their virtual best.

More Access for More People

No download, no app required, works across web, mobile and VR.

Built for the Future

Built on Unreal Engine 5.1, the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool.

Pixel Streaming

Proprietary Pixel Streaming which cost 40% less than other offerings currently available.

Why start your journey in the metaverse?

Many brands are still assessing how to take advantage of the huge opportunities presented by Web3. At dentsu, we say the metaverse is near, but not here. We built dentsu NXT Space to give businesses the chance to innovate, test ideas, experiment, and learn how evolving technologies and platforms could be used within integrated campaigns or future business models.

Now is the time for brands to act, prepare what’s next and uncover the value of the metaverse.

  • 4 times faster & focused

    Users are 3.75 times more emotionally connected to your content, and are 4 times more focused, thus learning 4 times faster when consuming content in the metaverse*.

  • 70% - 80% preference

    70% - 80% of B2B decision makers prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service~. In fact, 42% of U.S. consumers would pay more for a product if they could experience it in an immersive way`.

  • 450% increased ROI

    Stronger business growth and ROI. Retailers who provide a virtual shopping environment has seen a 450% increase in return on investment^.

LinkedIn Live Event | Live from CES 2023

Watch the Live Recording

Live from the global stage of innovation, CES 2023, the teams at dentsu, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Headoffice.Space took the audience behind the design of our newest collaborations. Dentsu NXT Space is designed to excite and inspire brands and businesses to experiment with the latest technologies and prepare what's next. Our panel discussed how our innovations will help brands uncover opportunities across all areas of their business, what dentsu NXT Space means for businesses, how the application of unique technologies will make the metaverse more accessible for brands, and gave the audience an opportunity to ask all their burning questions in our live Q&A session. Watch the live recording via LinkedIn.

Watch the Live Event Recording

Dentsu and Microsoft's Journey into the Metaverse

With many brands and businesses still assessing how to take advantage of the huge opportunities presented by Web3, dentsu and Microsoft have come together to showcase what can be achieved in critical business areas such as customer service, retail, and learning and development. Learn about our partnership journey, watch the video and read the article.

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