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A deep dive into dentsu's latest report, Brave New Normal: dentsu Creative Trends 2021, presenting the integration of creativity and technology as the greatest opportunity our industry has ever known.

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Join Pats McDonald, a multi-award-winning global strategist who has lead the strategic and creative development for brands from Levi’s to Unilever to Sony and Kellogg’s and Dave Meeker, an award-winning creative executive who for over 25 years has transformed businesses through the creative use of digital, to get the inside track on global brands and creativity that is truly transforming business.

The pair explore the tensions and opportunities created by a world of accelerated change and share their predictions for 2021. Are we destined for a brave new world where personal avatars roam virtual landscapes wearing AR makeup and digital sneakers? Or yearning for the homegrown and the handmade; embracing cottagecore and human connection?

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Young woman using AR headset