Content solutions at scale: A CMO’s need-to-know-guide

In a newly created playbook, “Content solutions at scale: A CMO’s need-to-know-guide" dentsu’s content marketing experts have looked at the context, development and future of content solutions to ensure growth in 2021 and beyond. It introduces Content Symphony dentsu’s content solution and how it is changing the game, supercharging global marketers for some of the world's biggest brands.

The playbook discusses the immediate challenges faced by marketing, and more specifically their content efforts, and offers an evaluation of different content solution models that might resolve these challenges. It proposes an integrated, AI-enabled emerging model as more adept at handling exponential content demands by providing end to end solutions that allow for flexibility and control.

One such solution is Dentsu’s Content Symphony. Launched in June 2020, Content Symphony includes over 2,000 skilled artists in over 30 markets. The solution responds to marketers call for flexibility and control, but also provides them and the procurement teams with transparency through live data and reporting on spend and costs.

Download the playbook now to find out more.

Content solutions at scale: A CMO’s need-to-know-guide

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