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Sven Huberts

Global Managing Partner, Isobar and Global Head of Innovation & Design,

Creative, dentsu

Patrica McDonald

Global Head of Strategy and Transformation, Creative, dentsu

The Rise of Connected Experience


Covid-19 accelerated digitisation across every industry, in every market. Within this new normal, Creative Experience has become an even bigger focus for how consumers are making choices around the brands they invite into their lives.  

The connected future has arrived - innovation and new experience technologies are now critical in creating differentiation and growth. But it’s connected experience - creativity that crosses touchpoints, senses and communities, that is driving this future.

Join Patricia McDonald and Sven Huberts as they discuss The Rise of Connected Experience, with case studies and global insights from 800 Marketers featured in our ground-breaking Creative Experience Survey 2021.

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Key learnings:

Connecting Brand & Experience: There can no longer be any disconnect between what a brand promises and what a customer experiences.

        The Craft of Innovation: As digital experiences are called on to build distinctive brand encounters, a new skill set will be needed at the intersection of craft and innovation.

Virtual Gets Real: Virtual experiences will become as real, human and valuable as offline experiences.

The Power of Community Experience: In a connected world we must consider not only the customer experience but the community experience.

Transforming The Transaction: The boundaries between content and commerce, shopping and storytelling will be blurred beyond recognition.

Storytelling Through Experience: As consumers spend more and more time in virtual spaces, stories are told, and relationships are built in new ways.

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